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Prum Convention (Schengen III)

Monday 29 August 2005, by Federal Republic of Germany, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Kingdom of Belgium, Kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of The Netherlands, Republic of Austria, Republic of France

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Convention between the Kingdom of Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Kingdom of Spain, the French Republic, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Republic of Austria

on the stepping up of cross border cooperation,particularly in combating terrorism, cross border crime and illegal migration

The High Contracting Parties to this Convention, being Member States of the European Union,

Considering that in an area with free movement of persons it is important for Member States of the European Union to step up their cooperation, in order to combat terrorism, cross border crime and illegal migration more effectively,

Endeavouring, without prejudice to the provisions of the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community, for the further development of European cooperation, to play a pioneering role in establishing the highest possible standard of cooperation, especially by means of improved exchange of information, particularly in combating terrorism, cross border crime and illegal migration, while leaving participation in such cooperation open to all other Member States of the European Union,

Seeking to have the provisions of this Convention brought within the legal framework of the European Union, in order to improve exchange of information within the European Union, particularly in combating terrorism, cross border crime and illegal migration, and to establish the necessary legal and technical conditions for that purpose,

In observance of the fundamental rights deriving from the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the constitutional traditions common to the States concerned, particularly in the awareness that the supply of personal data to another Contracting Party requires a reasonable standard of data protection on the part of the receiving Contracting Party,

Considering that, without prejudice to current national law, provision should be made for measures under this Convention to remain subject to suitable judicial review,

Seeking to supplement this Convention with further agreements, allowing automated searching of data in other appropriate records, in so far as is necessary and reasonable for the purpose of stepping up cross border cooperation,

Have agreed as follows:

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