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Swinton Thomas

  • Report of the Interception of Communications Commissioner for 2002

    8 November 2004
    I have been very impressed by the quality, dedication and enthusiasm of the personnel carrying out this work on behalf of the government and the people of the United Kingdom. They show that they have a detailed understanding of the legislation and strive assiduously to comply with the statutory criteria and, in my view, there is very little, if any, danger that an application which is defective in substance will be placed before the Secretary of State. Where errors have occurred, which I refer to below (and in detail in the Confidential Annex) these have been errors of detail and not of substance.
  • Annual Report of the Interception of Communications Commissioner for 2001

    8 November 2004
    As in the past, the Annex to this Report contains a summary of the numbers of warrants in force at the end of 2001 and those issued throughout the course of the year by the Home Secretary and the Scottish First Minister. The great majority of warrants issued in England and Wales and Scotland remain related to the prevention and detection of serious crime.

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