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Bossong Raphael


    8 July 2008
    This paper takes stock of the EU’s response to international terrorism since 9/11. The first part provides a summary historical overview, which highlights the event-driven and contingent development of the EU’s counterterrorism policy. The second part presents a critical assessment of policy outcomes according to the objectives set out in the EU’s Counterterrorism Strategy. Measures ‘to pursue’, and ‘to protect’ against, terrorists seem to have grown substantially. In practice, however, they are undercut by a lack of focus and use at the operational level.
  • The politics of subterfuge and EU JHA governance capacity

    8 July 2008
    This paper starts out from a puzzle: Why is EU JHA characterized by frustrations and blockades, while it is at the same time one of the most dynamic policy-areas? Posed in such general terms, this question is almost impossible to answer: Not only is EU JHA policy a highly diverse, but has also seen phases of ambitious agenda-setting contrasted by periods of stagnation. Therefore, a convincing answer to the above puzzle would require an extensive historical exposition of this policy area, which is beyond the scope of this paper.
  • The European Security Vanguard? Prüm, Heiligendamm and Flexible Integration Theory

    8 July 2008
    The main purpose of this paper is to better understand the political importance of the so-called G6 group that unites the Interior ministers of the six biggest EU member states. Furthermore, some of the implications of the Prüm Convention will be discussed, as the group of Prüm signatories has been compared elsewhere to the G6. However, this paper also hopes to contribute to the wider discussion of the phenomenon of ‘flexible integration’ in area of Justice and Home Affairs. Thus, after a brief historical overview of this issue, a relatively unknown theory of flexible integration will be presented, and briefly applied to the case of the Prüm Convention.

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